Colonia Güell Entrance Pavilion

The entrance pavilion to the crypt of Colonia Güell consists of two volumes: a main element that embraces a small one. They mimic the relation of volumes found in the church of Gaudí. The main volume is plastered in white and on one end touches the ground, while on the other is supported by a system of steel tubular pillars. The solid base of the volume houses the guardian and an elevator, which allows access to the store on the upper floor.

The external staircase is also a reference to the church project and provides one more access to the upper floor while maintaining perception of the surrounding garden. Furthermore it works as an emergency exit in case of fire. The pavilion is completely closed on one side, presenting a white and mute façade. On the opposite side, it opens towards the church and the garden with a large window.

Trees are the natural surrounding of the church and in our case they become an important part of the project: we preserve and include them within the project. Hence, the trees penetrate the interior of the building as if they were pillars and the pillars are inclined as if they were trees moved by the wind. By doing so, the pavilion structure refers at once to the church and to nature. The passage between the pillars assumes a spiritual sense and becomes a filter through which the visitor prepares himself before entering the sacred space.

The pavilion uses the prefab elements of Pladur for the information box and for the bar box, as requested by the competition. The prefab elements are made out of plasterboards and aluminum joints, interior angles and beams. They are mounted dry in a fast and easy way by two single workers. The prefab boards are different when used for exterior or interior purposes. In the first case they include foam for a better insulation.

In collaboration with Margarita Zoido Lobaton.


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