Aerolido - Site plan
Aerolido - Site plan

The project takes off from the infrastructural analysis of the “Nicelli” airport and its role within the simple reality of its island and the complex lagoonar system. The Lido airport is set in a satellite location within the lagoon and plays a secondary, very minor function as an infrastructure, being next to an important hub such as the “Marco Polo” airport of Tessera. Hence the small airport is more relevant to the Lido island in itself as a development area, than to the lagoon as a an infrastructure.

The project vision sees an airport that does not dissipate its resources to increase air traffic, but instead it uses them to generate new functions in its close surroundings. The project idea spurs out from the area fragmentation analysis, seen as an impediment for the area development. The area of S.Nicolò is actually divided in smaller and extremely heterogeneous zones, physically separated by walls and fences. Their diversity in terms of functions, environment and fruition is such that the parts are almost independent one from the other, with the exception of the airport that works as a link.

The intention is to work on the real and conceptual intersections of the parts, between the airport boundary, intended as a walkable fence, and the unhomogeneous urban tissue surrounding it. It is not a project about the airport itself, but about the function it absorbs, about its limits and boundaries.

The airport is a linking ring, physically and conceptually, among the different areas. The project takes place on the territory, developing structural and structurated paths, breaking the barriers that prevent a coherent development of the area and thus connecting the single parts as a whole.


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