Vestvolden Bridge

Vestvolden Footbridges - Deck section with safety shield

Vestvolden (the West Wall) was part of the Copenhagen land fortification system of the XIX century. It was built between 1888-1892 and it is approx. 13km long, surrounding the western part of the city and streching from Køge, in the south to Utterslev Mose, in the north.

It goes through several municipalities: Copenhagen, Brøndby, Rødovre and Hvidovre. It has been the danish largest construction until the erection of the Great Belt bridge in 1998 and it is today one of the longest and best preserved examples in the world of military construction from the end of the XIX century.

The intention of Naturstyrelsen (Nature Agency) who is responsible for the preservation of the Wall is to revitalize it and use it as a natural path through and around the Copenhagen region. Over the years the wall has been bisected in smaller pieces by roads, highways and railways. Naturstyrelsen, together with RealDania and the municipalities crossed by the Wall wants to create a continuous pedestrian and bike path which will run along the construction and over the roads and railways.

The unique design for the bridges will be used throughout the entire wall stretch and will make the crossing of Vestvolden very recognizable. The backbone of the bridge is a steel tube with triangular ribs. The parapet consists of V-shaped vertical elements which hold a streched metal mesh and a wooden handrail on top.

I was involved in developing the 2D and 3D design solutions, specifically details and materials.

Developed as part of a team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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