Constantine Bridge - Day view

Constantine Trans-Rhummel Bridge

The restricted competition asked for an iconic pedestrian and road bridge able to compete with the city’s historical pride in bridge design. The concrete cable-stayed bridge is the missing contemporary structure within the historical and hilly context of the city of Constantine.

The new bridge crosses the ravine above the river Rhummel to connect two important areas of the city, the ONU area and the Mansourah plateau. The bridge is an integral part of a series of infrastructure works intending to resolve the serious congestion problems plaguing Constantine.

The 130m high pylons are a reference point for people in the area, and the bridge is visually exciting, day and night. The winding roads leading to the bridge reveal spectacular views from several points along the way. The bridge is a beautiful landmark from a distance, as well as a fine structure to walk over and drive across.

The bridge deck is relatively wide with 2 lanes and a sidewalk on each side. The pylons are centrally located, separating the carriageways to either side.

I worked on all design and visualization aspects, specifically on developing the 2D and 3D design solutions and the short presentation film.

Developed as part of a small team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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