Hålogaland Bridge

Haalogaland Bridge - Detail of pylon top

The Hålogaland Bridge is a distinctive and instantly recognizable suspension bridge, located in a dramatic and magnificent scenery. The relationship between the width of the lanes and length of the main span is extremely rare. This provides special opportunities for the design of the bridge towers.

The tower is A-shaped which allows to hang the main cables on sligthly tilted planes instead of the expected parallel planes. The tower legs, standing on elliptical base plates, have a simple rectangular cross section which is slightly pointed bottom up.

The tower’s top is shaped like an inverted pyramid, which provides space for lighting. This metal cap provides protection from weather conditions to the saddle and makes inspection and maintenance safer.

I worked as part of the team on the lighting project, specifically on developing both, a road solution and tower solution which are consistent with the overall design.

The main deck consists of a streamlined steel box. The final shape is determined by wind tunnel experiments. The hanging cables and the suspension rods plan provide an interesting spatial effect and an increased sense of safety for those crossing the bridge. The shift from the main bridge (in steel) and the viaduct (in concrete) happens at the towers. The colors proposed for the bridge are in harmony with the landscape’s colors. Concrete is kept in its natural color.

The anchor blocks are recessed in the hills and the only visible parts are the large concrete cones that receive cables.

Developed as part of a small team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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