Piave River Footbridge

The competition calls for a footbridge over the gorge of the Piave River on the italian Alps next to the historical arched bridge in Ponte nelle Alpi. The pre-existing structure is unable to sustain the current mixed-traffic of pedestrians, bicycles and cars.

I worked as part of the team on all aspects, focusing on project management and deliverables.

The solution, in addition to a safe crossing, offers a privileged viewing platform from which it is possible to behold the surrounding mountainous region.

For the design, it is important to consider the pre-existing structures and in particular the two most significant architectural elements: the beautiful arched bridge by Eng. Miozzi and the Bortoluzzi Castle which are both important elements of the city’s history. The new bridge is simple and elegant, yet a part of this complex context and landscape.

The design reflects the contemporary technology of reinforced concrete as the bridge by Eng. Miozzi reflects the technology of its time.

The bridge is a reinforced concrete structure that can be cast in situ or partially constructed from prefabricated components. The beam of the bridge is T-shaped, 180cm deep, which allows the inclusion of underground utilities.

The width between the handrails of the bridge parapets ranges from a maximum width of 400cm to 500cm in the center of the span. The expansion follows a gentle curve, almost imperceptible, and offers enough space for resting while crossing the bridge.

The lighting, by itself low-powered, is directed only where needed, i.e. the paving of the bridge, to further optimize the energy saving and to avoid forms of light pollution. In addition, it is given the possibility to illuminate the underside of the bridge and the inclined pillars, from bottom up, in order to accentuate the facets of the concrete.

Developed as part of a small team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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