Syd Energi Building

Syd Energi Building - Exterior view

The new headquarter for the energy and internet company Syd Energi (SE) is the result of an interaction between low energy/passive house solutions and the client’s desire to have one building unit.

It is located on a remarkable site in the southwest part of Denmark, where the countryside meets the city, next to the biggest Danish land art monument “The hill of light”.

The building shape is based on optimizing the orientation of the façade areas: the largest surface areas are in the north to avoid overheating, the second largest are in the south-south/east to imply passive methodology and the smallest surface areas are in the west to reduce heat strain.

A spacious atrium in the center of the building provides light and airiness for all workspaces within the building. This distribution space consists of a big staircase around a void. It is a powerful spatial unifying element which breaks the monotonous storey horizontal division. Walkways across the void helps to optimize the horizontal connections while enhancing the vertical dialogue and the synergy between the floors.

Visitors and employees are met and greeted by a large reception and showroom area, from where one via the atrium can get an overview of the entire building. The first three floors are a mixture of departments with a combination of single and multiple workspaces in an open office environment together with modern meeting and relaxing areas.

The showroom and the rooftop are especially designed to open the building towards the surroundings, the city and the sea.

I was involved in the technical 2D design of the sections and elevations of the building.

Developed as part of a team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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