Motława River Footbridge

The competition asked for a new moveable footbridge in the center of Gdansk over the Motława river. The proposed location of the bridge is very historical and unique. The bridge connects the Old City quay of Rybackie Pobrzeze to Ołowianka island where the Polish Baltic Philharmonic is located. The new footbridge will have a positive impact on the surrounding area by reactivating parts of town that have been neglected.

The proposal consists of a light main beam supported by a slender and slightly inclined pylon. A net of steel cables connects the pylon to the beam, which supports a cantilevered deck. The rotation point is located underneath the deck so that the weight of the main beam is counter-balanced by the weight of the pylon. The whole structure is iconic and yet does not interfere with the historic landscape of the city.

The mast is purposely located on the island side, leaving the old quay free from any structure. The footbridge spans freely from one bank to the other and can rotate along the island waterfront, swinging towards the control booth.

I worked as part of the team in all phases of the project, from concept to detail to delivery, working on all 2D drawings and developing several 3D study models.

Developed as part of a small team while working at Zwarts & Jansma Architects in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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