A11 Motorway

The A11 motorway is part of the corridor between Brugge in Belgium and Westkapelle in the Netherlands and specifically it covers a distance of 12km between Blauwe Toren in Bruges and Knokke-Heist. The new highway improves the connection between the port of Zeebrugge and the hinterland by separating the port traffic from the local traffic and by increasing safety and viability in the region.

The project A11 Bruges is one of the six “missing links” in the Flemish road network and the largest DBFM road project to date in Flanders. The 12-kilometer stretch is oriented southwest-northeast and will be connected via three nodes on the road network.

In the southwest, the A11 will be connected to the N31 (direction Bruges and Zeebrugge). The existing connection with the Blankenbergsesteenweg will be adjusted. In the northeast, the access to the port of Zeebrugge is to be improved with a connection to the Natiënlaan. The eastern part of the port near the Boudewijn canal features a new (duplicate) movable bridge to guarantee ships access.

The A11 project includes a comprehensive approach involving traffic engineering, ecological, landscape and spatial aspects to reduce the impact of the highway on the environment. A completely new bike path network will ensure safe bicycle routes to and from the port and between the polder villages.

This design, in collaboration with Bureau Bas Smets, takes into account how the infrastructure is experienced from both the road and from the landscape. The infrastructure design include six intersections, eight bridges, three tunnels, various highway elements such as noise-reduction modules, pedestrian underpasses and wildlife passages.

I worked on the final delivery of the detailed drawings as well as on the latest movie and image presentations, by setting cameras, rendering the clips and retouching the views.

Developed as part of a large team while working at Zwarts & Jansma Architects in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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