House in Santinho

This private house, organised along a lot overlooking the ocean, is situated in a newly-built residential area in the beach town of Santinho, SC, Brazil.
The house serves mainly as a summer retreat for a family of five, where the three children are already adults, hence the necessity of having four double bedrooms.

During the family absence (most of the year) the house may serve as a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, therefore the plan includes the option for each room of having its own private bathroom.

It is designed to overlook the surrounding and establish an open relationship between inside and outside space. The necessity to make the project cost-effective suggested a single level solution which would make good use of the elongated shape of the lot. The very narrow and long lot is parallel to the coast line which naturally suggested also a linear shape for the house with the all the rooms facing directly the ocean. This plan arrangement allows the house to easily grow over time, by building first the main nucleus (living areas and main bedroom) and then the following bedrooms.

The backbone of the house is a corridor that stretches through its entire length. This is not designed just as a tight passage, but as a useful service area and a luminous and evocative space. One side of the corridor is all glass, looking at a stretched garden of bamboo plants. This brings light and delight to the walk. The other side is a continuous wardrobe wall which contains all house necessities and apparels. So the corridor becomes an intrinsic element of the house and not jus a space loss.

The floor plan fits every aspect of living and allows for both privacy and sociableness.
The lot has a significant slope that stretches between the two ends, which suggests building the house in the top part, as a plateau, and using the space underneath as a garage and service area.

Developed in collaboration with T3Z Architecture.


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