Latecs Research Labs

The proposal for Research Laboratories in Sustainable Technologies and Green Chemistry (Latecs) is located on the area of the abandoned São Pedro Psychiatric Hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The project includes the renovation and reuse of the Hospital pavilions, a subterranean Convention Center and two Laboratory Towers.

The Convention Center, about 7000 m² below ground, supports the activities of the Labs and fosters the interaction with the scientific community and the society at large. It contains room and facilities for conferences: auditoria, exhibitions halls, shops, restaurants and canteens. The Convention Center will host thematic exhibitions open to the public. It will also serve the purpose of displaying emerging companies and their products in the field of Sustainable Technologies and Green Chemistry. Natural light is brought to the subterranean levels by zenithal openings.

The Hospital pavilions, once refurbished, will house an interactive Museum of Sustainable Technologies to strengthen the Labs mission of educating the general population and spreading science, technology and innovation at all levels. Integrated with the Hospital pavilions facilities, the garden will be transformed into a square that will connect the Convention Center and the Labs Towers.

The Labs Towers, with a surface of 20000 m² in total, contain offices, libraries, laboratories for research and feasibility tests. The façade of the towers are cladded with photovoltaic panels.

Developed in collaboration with T3Z Architecture.


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