Apartments block Av. Farrapos 369

The client asked for a proposal combining four lots (approx. 3700m²) facing Av. Farrapos, Rua Garibaldi and Rua Santo Antonio in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The project takes into consideration the rigid rules of the City Master Plan and presents a concept that is foreign to the brazilian city: the courtyard residential block.

The block shows an expressive white-plastered façade or alternatively a gray-brick façade. Instead of building by filling all four lots and thus creating many small unusable interstitial spaces, the project seeks better quality of living by freeing a big interior outdoor courtyard.

The block lies nicely within the city and it is proportionate with the streets around it allowing for the sun to shine and for the people to shop around the commercial ground floor.

Developed in collaboration with T3Z Architecture.


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