Tower Rua Garibaldi 671

The client asked for a study on a 900m²-lot facing Rua Garibaldi in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The lot is located on a street with a steep slope and according to the City Master Plan, it allows for a building with a 3-storey base (including an underground level) and a 8-storey tower on top of that.

The project leaves the front of the building facing the street available for commerce with approx. 200m² of retail space. The parking is located underground and can also have additional spots on the base roof.

The tower is residential and offers small flats which can be easily combined to obtain larger residential areas. The façade is cladded with perforated metal sheets (possibly copper) which are triangularly shaped and form the window covers as well. The different axis rotation of each panel gives the façade an ever changing set of shadows. A mechanical system allows the covers to flip and rotate hence allowing the sunlight to enter the building.

Developed in collaboration with T3Z Architecture.


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