Aero Móvel PV canopy

The Aeromóvel is an atmospheric railway that uses differential air pressure to provide power for propulsion of a railway vehicle. The only active train in Porto Alegre runs between the Airport Terminal 1 and the nearby Trensurb Train Station.

The client asks for a photovoltaic canopy running along the elevated railway structure to produce the necessary energy for the Aeromóvel operations.

The proposed structure runs on top of the Aeromóvel giving the railway and the train cover and shade. It takes into account the spacing of the existing elevated railway structure and it is completely independent.

The steel structure is modular and composed of 10 spans of 37.5m for a total length of 375m. Each span allocates 8 wings on each side supporting up to a total of 192 PV panels. The cantilever of each wing is therefore up to 6m. On top of the structure additional four panels are placed, for a total of 64.

Each span can therefore supports up to 256 photovoltaic panels (although 216 would be sufficient). The truss that constitutes the span is supported by coupled pylons on each end.

The wings can be rotated by 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal position to follow the best angle during the day and the season to catch the sun beams. The closing of the wings can also protect the train in case of heavy rain and strong wind. When in the closed position, LED lights create a lighting show for the user which can be appreciated from inside the moving train. The lighting show can serve both informative and commercial purposes.

Developed in collaboration with T3Z Architecture.


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