School in Vitória

The school project is part of a vast competition for the rehabilitation and reactivation of the shore line northwest of Vitória, Brazil. The goal of the competition is to create a new continuous urbanized walk extending over 13km and serving an area of ​​760 thousand square meters. Over 76000 residents of 20 neighborhoods benefit directly from the new urbanization which includes boardwalk, leisure and rest areas, piers, decks, docks, bike paths, gastronomic centers, schools among other things.

The school in particular is a combination of a preschool (CMEI – Centro Municipal de Educação Infantil), for kids between 0 and 5, and a primary school (EMEF – Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental) for kids between 6 and 14. The competition estimates 2060m² of indoor area plus 570m² of outdoor area for the CMEI, while 4001m² of indoor area and 1320m² of outdoor area for the EMEF. The two school have to share the same terrain on edge between the city and the Santa Maria River, an area covered by mangroves (manguezal).

The project aims to improve the road connection along the shore and to provide pedestrian and bicycles with adequate space for roaming and enjoying the scenery. A special path, above water and mangroves, connects the school to the nearby hilly island.

The schools are combined under one circular building which on the east side houses the CMEI and on the west side houses the EMEF. The schools have separate green outdoor areas (including a roof garden), but they share the central patio. The central patio is designed to provide a gathering safe place, but also to preserve a sacred rock that was mandatory to maintain. The east side of the building has two storeys while the west side has three to provide enough ceiling clearance for the Sports Hall. On the ground floor, the EMEF gives direct entrance to the Sports Hall, the Library, the Computer Lab and the Auditorium which are meant as accessible by the whole population.

To improve the connection between the schools, the city and the mangrove swamp, the building is traversed by a path that leads from Rua do Cajú directly to the hilly island.

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