Skikda Refrigerated Warehouse

The client, Eurofrio Srl, wanted a façade solution for its refrigerated warehouses which would distinguish their proposal among others for a new industrial settlement in Skikda, Algeria. The warehouse is a standard steel construction with exterior walls made of corrugated sandwich panels.

The idea for the façade goes back to the ice crystals which form complex and unique hexagonal shapes: the corrugated insulating panels are colored blue and are partially covered by hexagonal metal modules coated in white with variable openings in order to create an optical effect of motion and three-dimensionality.

As this proposal is supposed to set a standard for several other cold storage plants in Algeria, it was necessary to find a solution at the same time easily reproducible and yet unique for each industrial site: the hexagonal panels openings allow for different and more complex designs without added costs to better characterize the identity of each warehouse.


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