Nursery School OVS

The building is a corporate daycare center for employees of OVS S.p.A. which will be able to accommodate children aged between three months and three years.

The single-storey building consists of two pavilions recovered from Expo Milano 2015 and two new smaller volumes connecting them. It closes in itself to visually isolate children from the neighborhood made up mostly by parking lots, commercial and industrial buildings.

The spaces dedicated to children’s activities enjoy all natural light and direct access to the courtyard. They are divided into two separate sections, one for infants and one for weaned children.

The west façade is the main front. It presents a large window at its northern end and the entrance canopy at its southern end. The entrance is glazed in order to allow already from outside an understanding of the building configuration and a glimpse of the inner court.

The volumes’ heights, connected by gentle and continuous gradients, ranging from 7 to 4 meters, ensure a dynamic perception of the volumes. The property is a nursery for up to 42 children (8 suckling infants and 34 semi-weaned/weaned children),  eight educators and three auxiliary staff. There will be plenty of space devoted particularly to playing and other kids activities, but also appropriate areas of service, at exclusive use of adults.

The ring configuration of the building is designed to allow the children to split upon entering, between infants and semi-weaned/weaned, and to accompany the typical day of a child in its ritual moments (play, meal, change and sleep).

The infant section includes a bathroom and the areas for playing, eating and sleeping. The weaned section is larger because of the high number of children thus is divided into: the great movement and symbolic play area; bathrooms and art studio; canteen and sleeping room. Volumes appear deliberately closed, impressive and massive from the outside, protected by a metal shell of two different materials and colors (brushed aluminum and etched corten steel).

The main façades in the inner courtyard are open and consist entirely of large windows.

This allows a continuous visual relationship between inside and outside and between opposite areas of the building. The roof is with extensive greenery and photovoltaic solar panels.


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