The horizontal building, 115 metres long, adds 6000sqm to the existing headquarter and it consists of office and ancillary spaces dedicated to administrative tasks and services. This allows to free space on the existing building and re-organize the creative nucleus containing the core design and production departments.

The distinction between the support activities and the creative core is heightened through contrasting materials: a monolithic translucent glass and steel element for the administration, and a concrete base rendered in black for the creative core. The new front provides not only new services, but also a new face for the brand.

The interior of the building complies with the demands for functionality, flexibility and efficiency. The typical floor plan ensures that all workstations are well lit and enjoy a view. The disposition of the plan allows the accommodation of an open plan, separate offices or meeting rooms. The large three-dimensional steel structure constituting the building’s constructive system functions as an architectural element while at the same time freeing the building of columns, creating maximum flexibility in the office spaces.

The double-glazed façade has integrated solar screens and is decorated by a subtle silk screen frit design that mitigates solar ingress, reflects daylight, and gives the building a homogenous expression which enhances its sculptural form.

Developed in collaboration with Zito+Pedron Architects, Venice, Italy.


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